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Hey, are you interested in learning how to make money with your writing talent ?

The answer is to become a freelance Writer.

This blogpost will walk you through how to make money with your writing talent as a freelance writer .
You will understand the process of:

landing a client ,

finding clients and

marketing strategies.

It is good to know that freelance writing pays .

There are a lot of talk on line on how to make money online .Unfortunately, most are just mere information without substance. I try to give information on and about sites I have fully researched on.

But bare in mind that nothing in this world comes easy. This is not a get rich quick method. It involves interest ,hard work and persistence.

All you need to know is that you can make money with your writing talent as a freelance writer.

Lets find out how you can start to land your first client. First thing to do as a new writer is to


It is not just enough to know how to write .Or how to have content writing ideas.

Find out what this whole concept of freelance writing is all about. How does it work? How do I write .What do I write about as a freelance writer? And above all ,how do I get paid.? Create time to find out sites that talk about freelance writing and read.

Below are great sites you can get important information about freelance writing

The write life

Be a freelance blogger

freelancer faqs

Here is also a link to a detailed write up on what freelance writing is all about. Now when you have a full understanding on what freelance writng is ,Now the next step is to :


When you plan to open a website or blog, you definitely have a business you want to focus on. The same goes for having a freelance writing niche.

what is your specialty? What do you like writing about?

Writing about so many different things at the same time may actually harm your freelance writing career.

Try to niche down to areas that is relevant to todays world situations. And most importantly consider your


interest and

profitability of the niche you choose.


The greatest problem about writing your blog ,is actually knowing what to write about.

Check out this write up on how you can have an idea on what to writ about

When you go through freelance writers blogs, you will have an idea of how to write. Start trying to write about topics you are interested in.

Write in a conversational manner. Use eye catching topics.

Create a blog or website to upload your write ups.

Don’t let that scare you .Here is a completely free course on how to set up your website as a beginner. This may require you to pay money for a domain name and hosting.

But if you have little or no cash ,you can use google sites

HERE you will find a step by step instructions on how to set up a free freelance website with google sites. Having your very own blogpost is so that you can have samples to show your clients.

But most importantly You must write a killer Auto bio.

Auto bio is so important .It tells your client who you are and what your specialty is. This detailed blogpost actually shows you how to write your auto bio as a freelance writer


Guest posting is a way of writing for other bloggers for free.

Your next question might be what do I write about in these blogs.?

Simply right about your niche.

First you get into Google, write your niche + write for us. And according to what Google displays, you go through all the results and choose the one that you feel will be suitable for you to write a guest post for.

If your area is cooking, just put in Google search, cooking + write for us. If it is electrical engineering just put in Google electrical engineering + write for us.

In the picture above I put in sewing + write for us and see what Google displayed for me.

Try to write for blogs that have high traffic. Because the more people that visit that blog the more you will be exposed.
If your blogpost is attractive enough, people click and link back to your site. And these may become your potential costumers that will hire you to write for them.


The most important thing here is to build relationships with potential clients.

Bear in mind that you must have set up your blog page or website before joining this groups.

first try to spend the first one month answering and communicating on people’s comments and then the next month you could begin to ask questions like” how do you cope with generating content on your website.
If you have people writing about their difficulties in generating content, then offer to write content for them. If they agree, send them to your website to contact you.Here are a few groups to try

With this method ,it is this actually possible to land very good writing jobs.


As long as you’re new to freelance writing, You can find quality jobs, responding to job ads . It is one of the main way many new writers use for finding consistent paying jobs

There are free and paid job boards. But as a beginner it is better to atart with the free ones.

Freelance Job boards are places online that entrepreneurs and business owners or bloggers put up jobs. Sometimes the money to be paid are listed.

Sometimes you may be asked to state your cost for your write up.

Below are some job boards you can apply for

Allfreelance writing jobs

blogging pro



Apart from these four sites ,here is a blog post that I wrote about 9 sites that will pay you to write

Most of these sites pay you through pay pal. If you are from Nigeria, or other countries that do not receive money from PayPal, that should not deter you. Because some of them have bank transfer options


You will be surprised to know that social media is one of the best places to find freelance jobs !

The two best places to get these jobs are

LinkedIn and twitter

Most jobs on LinkedIn need a certain form of certification.
The good news is that there are a lot of courses online that you can get certified free without paying a Cent.
Get certified as a content writer, content marketer, or digital marketer.

When you get your certificate just uploaded on your LinkedIn profile.

If you look at the picture below I put in “writer” as my job search. Among the job positions that came up, one is ticked us suitable for me.

This is because I have done a certified course on digital marketing. I uploaded my certificate on my LinkedIn profile. Check out this my blog post that I listed websites you can get free certification

It is important to know that you need to hang out where your clients are to land a freelance job.

Here are detailed step by step instructions on how to get freelance jobs from linkedin and twitter

you can also follow these job boards in twitter

write jobs




If you are a Christian and have a writing talent, then you can write for Christian magazines. Below is a list of Christian magazines that will compensate you for writing for them

BUSTED HALO This is a catholic faith based site that accept writers. Only make sure you read their guidelines and see if it is something you can do. Please do this before you apply.


If you have a life story to tell that can inspire another person, then guidepost is for you.

It must be a story that will increase faith and hope in peoples life.


This magazine is interested in stories that will help Christians to live lives in the spirit.

As usual, click the link above and read their guidelines before submitting your write up.



I have given you wonderful tips on how to make money with your writing talent as a freelance writer. I hope you can try all the tips I have given to you.

If you know of any other tips, do not hesitate to comment in the comments section.

let me also know if you have any challenges. I am only an email away.

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Hi I am Enorita .A  professional medical laboratory scientist  and a Google Certified Digital Marketer with a passion for blogging and sewing.My greatest desire is to show you how to discover your talent,how to aquire necessary  digital skills and become financially free.Having a profession is great. But it is your talent that will bring you before kings.If that is your desire ,then let me teach you how to become an online entrepreneur.

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